At Blossom Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine, we believe the exploration and growth of the inner self leads to new opportunities in life. The length of therapy benefits individuals in different ways. Long-term therapy transforms life; and short-term therapy addresses imminent concerns.

Clients face different issues in life: trauma, emotional stress, relationship issues, social withdrawal, addiction, lacking meaning in life. The process of counseling is to look at what is happening to us from various angles; either it's early childhood experiences, the unconsciousness, or the thinking and behavioral patterns that become maladaptive.

We strive for a diverse workplace to provide suitable services. Our mental health professionals are from various backgrounds, and we work closely with Blooming Center for Counseling Service.

Lisa (Chao-Hui) Lee

Clinical Psychologist

Debbie Kao

Clinical Psychologist

Counseling Psychologist


Hui-Kuang Hsieh

Counseling Psychologist & Clinical Psychotherapist